All About Vintage Curvaceousness

I have collected Vintage Clothes over the years and have a passion for the beautiful styles, the fit and the way that, as soon as that last little bit of the zip is pulled or the last button or popper is fastened, I am transformed into this confident, womanly creature.


Truly fitted clothing is now only a luxury of the A-listers, but finding vintage pieces, with craftsmanship that is unparalleled, detail that demands attention and fabrics that feel as sumptuous as they look, it was very easy for my small personal collection to turn into enough dresses, suits, furs, negligee, wedding gowns, and hats to open a boutique…..


Vintage clothing is not only a hobby, it is a passion that I hope to share with those who share an appreciation and to reach out to those who are fed up with nothing on the high street ever fitting or flattering!


Growing up with a seamstress (my mother) sparked an interest in fashion and, being one of three girls with a single parent, I quickly became adept in turning curtain cut offs into the little sixties swing dresses I coveted from the covers of magazines!


Occasionally it’s proved impossible to find a dress for this wedding or a trouser suit for that christening or indeed anything that even resembles the vision in my head! So when moving into my home the spare room became my workroom! Here is my haven! Surrounded by fabric, beads, ribbon, patterns….. The possibilities became endless! If I can imagine it, I’ll be dammed if I can’t make it!


I’m now hiring and selling my collection, to individuals and traders. I’ve been taking in alterations from a variety of people, from a simple turn up to fitting a whole bridal party! I’ve also started building a commission portfolio and have taken the plunge in designing and making wedding dresses! Vintage Curves has many exciting collaborations coming up in the near future and we hope to pass on a little of the glamour we hold behind the door to our ‘modest’ boutique! (converted outbuilding).