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Face Masks

Handmade face masks.  Fabrics are 100% cotton or a polycotton mix, all washable at 60 degC.

Two adult styles - pleated £10.00 - shaped and pocketed  £12.00

2 child sizes 2-5 yrs & 6-10 yrs to order   £8.00 and £10.00

First Class postage is included - delivery approx 7 days.  Collection can be arranged.

10% of profits profit to donated to the NHS. 

A selection of fabrics available as shown: this is expanding all the time.  Let me know if looking for particular colour.



The sounds of audible gasps could be heard above the Band, when the curvaceous beauty that once upon a time had owned it sashayed into the room. Every man and woman stopped and stared. The Dress deserved more than what it had become, and so it was lovingly restored to its former glory.
Sandra Andrews, an extraordinarily talented seamstress, who began sourcing impeccable vintage pieces of the highest quality and craftsmanship, building her own personal collection which has grown into the fantastic collection you see today.
And now she’s opening the doors for you . . .

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